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My Chocolate Story

       "Mon Rêve" (my dream) is finally a reality! I have always had an incredible admiration for the fine art and delicious taste of French pâtisserie. After pursuing different careers to find my path, at the age of 45, I went back to what gave me the most joy as a little girl...desserts! 


       I followed my dream all the way to Paris, France, after I was accepted into an intensive professional pastry program at L’École Ferrandi. I then completed an internship at Paris’ beloved Hôtel Plaza Athénée where the cuisine is under the magical spell of Michelin starred chef, Alain Ducasse. It was an incredible opportunity to work in the coveted stainless-steel underground kitchens to the stars and learn from the most talented pastry chefs. Upon my return to San Francisco, I was fortunate to intern at the award-winning Arsicault Bakery, where, in my humble opinion, the croissants are better than they are in France! To further sharpen my chocolate making skills, I trained with the royalty of chocolatiers, king Kriss Harvey of Beverly Hills and queen Melissa Coppel of Las Vegas.


       Finally, now that I'm back home in Marin County, I am thrilled to share my passion with you through teaching the craft of chocolate arts. Please join me in a virtual workshop or a virtual corporate event to make a variety of delicious chocolate confections.  

       May the magic of chocolate making inspire you to make your dreams come true too!

                  See you at the studio,

                  Pooneh xox

My final project at pastry school!
Raining Chocolate
With the crew at Plaza Athénée
Masterclass with the amazing Cedric Grolet
Masterclass with the king...Kriss Harvey
Masterclass with the queen...Melissa Coppel